CASA (Christians Against Substance Abuse)
Christians Against Substance Abuse or CASA is a program to help people fight their addictions. The Rusk Church currently has several instances in which they use the 12 step CASA program.  CASA classes meet on Sunday, Monday (Women's Only)Tuesday and Thursday from 7-8:15 at the church building. A CASA class also meets at the Hodge Unit on Mondays and at the Rusk State Hospital on Thursdays. The teachers include Robby Arrington, Moody Glass, Mike Birdwell, Danny Reed, and Annie Mae Sunday. You may contact them if you would like to be a part of this ministry.
Course VIII:  Christians Against Substance Abuse

This course looks at each of the Twelve Steps as related to what the Bible teaches. These steps "work" because they present God's path to recovery from any negative, habitual and destructive behavior.

Unit 29 - Starting Off Right
Lesson 1   Out of Gas
Lesson 2   Shielded by God
Lesson 3   Surrender
Unit 30 - Finding Peace With God
Lesson 1   Inventory Time
Lesson 2   Good for the Soul
Lesson 3   Sick and Tired
Lesson 4   Sin Removal
Unit 31 - Making Peace With Man
Lesson 1   Pre-Amends Making
Lesson 2   Making Things Right
Lesson 3   Keeping On - Keeping On
Unit 32 - Going On to Perfection
Lesson 1   Increasing Contact
Lesson 2   Passing It On
Lesson 3   Going On to Maturity